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Jack E. Pechac, Graduate Researcher
B.S., University of California, Berkeley, 2018

office: Jacobs Hall (EBU I), Room 3110
email: jpechac[at]eng.ucsd.edu

Jack applies novel concepts in the area of applied mechan-
ics to tune acoustic metamaterials and reconfiguremulti-
stable mechanical metamaterials, complete withcompu-
tational prediction and experimental verification. Jack
enjoys teaching and mentoring students, whether in the
classroom or the lab.

Vinod Ramakrishnan, Graduate Researcher
B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, 2018

office: Jacobs Hall (EBU I), Room 3110
email: v2ramakr[at]eng.ucsd.edu

Vinod works on designing and testing metamaterial archi-
tectures which leverage instability and/or multistability to
influence the propagation of transition waves.

Principal Investigator
Prof. Michael J. Frazier
office: Jacobs Hall (EBU I), Room 4201
email: mjfrazier[at]ucsd.edu

University of California, San Diego
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
9500 Gilman Drive, MC-0411
La Jolla, California 92093