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Welcome to the Frazier Research Group at the University of California, San Diego. Our research focuses on understanding the dynamic behavior of architected materials (e.g., metamaterials) with an emphasis on nonlinear and multiphysical effects. In exploiting this understanding, we aim to design materials with unique properties and exceptional performance for original, cross-discipline applications. Our methods are primarily theoretical and computational in nature with experimental work completed both in-house and in partnership with our collaborators. Read more about some of our recent and on-going research projects in the Research section.

Principal Investigator
Prof. Michael J. Frazier
office: Jacobs Hall (EBU I), Room 4201
email: mjfrazier[at]ucsd.edu

University of California, San Diego
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
9500 Gilman Drive, MC-0411
La Jolla, California 92093